I live in New York City, former musician and current retail employee. However I am on the path to a career in the health sciences. So its all started when….

…. at or around December 2010 my wife wanted me to go with her to the gym just to accompany her. She was starting a program called “Starting Strength”. I really could care less. I was about 5’8 and weight 160 lbs. So I thought I was in okay shape. WRONG!

Once I realized I was in very bad shape, I decided to try this Barbell Training thing. I fell in love. I was in love SO much, that I bought about $1200 worth of equipment and put it in my room next to my bed.

In about 8 months I went from 160ish to 220 lbs. Mind you it was NOT all muscle but I definitely felt better physically, mentally and emotionally. I realized this is something I was very passionate about. So I did some research, kept training and decided that I was going to go back to school to study Exercise Science.

I quit my job, started working towards getting my personal trainer certification, found some interning opportunities and eventually found a job at a local gym as customer representative.

Quitting my job was probably the best thing I could do. I took huge chance but so far its paying off.  I was a call center representative. horrible. After I quit I lost about 30 lbs and started working towards my dream. And here I am …. pursuing a degree in Exercise Science, got my personal trainer certification and interning with athletic trainers. All being done in order to best help future trainees. Some people use the word “clients” but I do not like that word. “Trainee” means you have a purpose. I mean isn’t that what we are all striving for? A Purpose.  #shit aint easy.


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