135×8 – pajamas ripped while squatting. nice
185×5 – had about 2 reps in me.
225×5 – last 2 reps were very difficult

Deadlift 135×10
Rest Pause 225x10x2

I think I need to stand closer to the bar about 1 inch closer. I think I was dropping my hips a little too much and they were shooting up.

Wide Grip Pull: (54321 3 rounds) = 45 total reps
Dips: 5×8 + 10,8,6,4,2 = 70 total reps
Inverted Row: 5×10 = 50 total reps

4 minutes of jump rope, had to go to work 5 minute stretch.

Progress Photo: I will put one up every now and then.
Bodyweight: 191 BF%: 20.3



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