This is the current workout routine I am doing. At its core, its an Upper/Lower Split. Mondays and Thursdays are shorter workouts in terms of number of exercises, but that is due to Squats and Deadlifts taking up the majority of the energy expenditure. Tuesdays and Fridays are not as taxing due to no Squats or Deadlifts. I have eliminated the bench press from my workout because well…. I do not like it. So I replaced it with Dips, Push Ups, and Overhead Presses. I am also using this routine to improve my back strength primarily. If you noticed I do pull ups and rows, every workout. I also added some direct forearm work to Tuesdays and Fridays, because I feel that is one of my weak points so I will focus on that for a little bit. The Bicep Curls are there because I want bigger arms, so why not do some curls for the girls?

Squats and Deadlifts are mandatory. On Thursdays, I might decide to forego goodmornings and RDLs and just do conventional deadlifts in their place. But that has yet to be determined. I will follow this as is, for 6 weeks. After that, if I like what I see, and how I feel. I will move on to a more moderate routine working in the 5-8 rep range. OH! i almost forgot to mention, this is a 10-12 rep, 2-3 sets routine for the weight training exercises. Except for the pull ups and rows. I only increase the weight, if I hit 12 reps. Example: I Squat 155 x 12 and 180 x 10. I will increase first set to 160, and stay at 180 until I hit 12 reps. I did a similar routine to this for 7 weeks and lost 10 lbs. I made this in order to work on what I feel are my weaknesses.

Classic Physique Builder Maurice Jones. Going to try and get somewhere close to this. Gonna knock my fiances socks off!

Classic Physique Builder Maurice Jones. Going to try and get somewhere close to this. Who am I kiddin, I will get there. Gonna knock her socks off!

Mondays and Thursdays

Stiff Leg Deadlift
Good Mornings
Pull Ups
Close Grip Inverted Rows, palm facing head
Dips on V bar
Jump Rope 15 Minutes, Heavy Jump Rope

Tuesdays and Fridays
Chin Ups
DB Press
Wide Inverted Row
Push Ups
Lateral Raises
Open/Close of hand
Wrist Curl/Extension with Dumbbell
Hanging Deadlift with Dumbbell
Incline Dumbbell Curl
10 Minute Jump Rope, Light Jump Rope



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