Let’s Motivate, Not Discourage

Posted: December 2, 2013 in My Take
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I have a problem with memes that say, “no excuses” or “i have 8 kids a job and a six pack”.  To me it is very narcissistic, self absorbed and discouraging to others rather than motivating. I will use the example of Maria Kang. Now, I do agree with her on some of the things she says. I do not believe fit women are being ATTACKED or criticized for showing off what they have. However this type of meme, IMO, does the opposite of what Maria Kang thinks she is doing.  I will explain.


Now, the caption in this photo could have said something more like,”I did it, and so can you.” This sounds positive and really makes a person say, “wait a minute, if that bitch can do it, so can I!”  Now… if you put something like, “what is your excuse?” or “I have a kid, and a six pack, whats your excuse”. It just trivializes the complexity of another persons life.  And makes a person say or feel like their life priorities don’t matter. Not only that, but if these fitness “gurus” or “personalities” make time for working out, instead of being a dick, how about taking the time to be sensitive to the complexities of other peoples lives? hmmm? just a little?… And its not just Maria Kang.  I have seen many posts on forums like Fitocracy, reddit, and bodybuilding.com from people that believe if you are not fit, you are just a lazy bum.  When I see memes like this, it just seems like the creator is trying to get some sort of reaction from people on the other side of the fence. However, many times, it is not very receptive. In this case, it may not be taken lightly by moms who are working 2 jobs, going to school and doing their best to raise their kid. Yes, those do exists.

The other problem I have with a lot of these types of memes is the divisive type of language between fit people and not so fit people. Especially when it comes to women. Here is another example of a meme/photo that does just that.


There have been issues with girls and woman harassing, aka bullying, because of appearance for ages. So now,  let me get this straight, first we judge women because they are obese/fat. And now we are criticizing and looking for more flaws in a woman who is just thin?…. being criticized by a woman who is also thin BUT a better version of woman, supposedly???; The Fit Girl.  You see the hypocrisy here? I do not believe this meme is bullying, however seeing these type of memes does make me question the intent. I wonder who puts these memes together and if some of these fitness models or athletes really agree with this garbage.  These types of messages are divisive in its language rather than unifying, motivating or empowering as these forums try to claim.

Now a more positive meme. Man do I hate the world  ‘meme’:


Mind you all the sexual visuals may not be necessary, 😉 ,  but the message is dimple, I mean simple. Don’t quit. Keep going. Its not ,”Look at me, I am fit, and you are  JUST relatively healthy and slim! OR worse you are lazy and fat! LMAO LOSER!!”  I could understand, how this photo could motivate someone to try harder for the physical aesthetic they may be looking for.

Coming from Privilege

I question whether some, not all, of these fitness narcissist are really so dedicated that they workout at 2am OR if they are speaking from a place of privilege. Meaning, they have the money and time that they may not have had before.  This is something to think about and ASK when anyone tries to attack a person who may not, will not or CAN NOT,  take fitness as a priority; whether it be due to time constraints or financial situation. I come from the train of thought, that if i don’t have time, then I will make time. However, I would be a fool to think that EVERYONE can do that. I sure as hell would not think some one is lazy. My fiance right now, is working full time, going to school, and volunteering. I would dare someone to tell her she is “lazy” because she doesn’t “make time” to train. I would kick them straight in the balls, or cunt punt them.

The Problem

I believe there is still a disconnect between people who are natural athletes and have always exercised and those who are sedentary and may not know how to start.  If someone in good faith asks a question that may seem stupid to an experience athlete or trainee, just politely answer. Try to HELP them. Rather than be a lousy human being and belittle them for not knowing.

My message to all the fitness personalities out there is this: Its not all about you. If you really want to motivate, you won’t do dumb shit like the photos/memes I posted earlier. Be empathetic and assuring. Now if all you want is for people to look at you, then go on instagram and take some selfies. Stop trying to put your strength standards or aesthetic ideals on to everyone else in order to make yourself feel like what you are doing is more important than what it actually is.

Strong *physical strength*  isn’t sexy. Thin isn’t sexy. Fat isn’t sexy. An independent, confident and hard working woman is sexy. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t judge some one else for being comfortable in theirs.  Rosie The Riveter is Sexy. 🙂

Rosie Got It Right


ps: I will most likely update this post occasionally or re post if I find other memes worth blasting or acknowledging.

  1. Exactly!! Making people feel bad can only work if they are your friends…hahaha. Dude, your arms are looking small bro…(friends love that stuff…ha!)

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