Ah yes, the king of all exercises. I mean what better way to find out if someone is strong than strict pressing a heavy weight OVER their head. Well ladies and germs. I have decided after many months, years of delaying to learn to clean. no no no, not clean my room or wash the dishes. But clean. As in clean and press. O yes…

After this week, I will be working on the clean and press and doing some front squats on light days. I will still be doing different variations of pull ups and chins up on off days. Basically I will be doing a variation of the “Texas Method”. I lost 15 lbs in the last 12 weeks or so, so I will be going to lifting heavier and cleaning up my diet even more, since I will be eating a little bit more. Since I do not enjoy meat, *double entendre* I have founds some alternative food sources. Here will be my main sources of food. I am probably missing a few things, and I will not be eating the same thing every day because that is simply fucking BORING.

Ground Turkey *the only meat source*
Romain Lettuce
Sweet Potatoes
Beans of different varieties
Peanut Butter


Okay so this is not a front squat, but still, essentially I will be in a similar position. I will only be doing front squat once a week.  Anyway here is the plan. I might not follow it verbatim but this is the idea.

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]
Squat 5X5
Clean and Press 8X3
Goodmorning 3X12
Knee Ups

Tuesday [Calisthenics/Moderate Intensity]
Chin Ups 60 reps
Dips 75 reps
Inverted Rows 50 reps

Back Squat 2X5 (warm up sets only)
Press 2X5

Thursday[Calisthenics/Moderate Intensity]
Pull Ups 60 reps
Dips 75 reps
Close Grip Supinated Inverted Rows 50 reps

Friday [Low Volume/High Intensity]
Squat 1X5
Press 1X1
Deadlift 1X5
Leg Raises


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