Feel Like Crap

Posted: December 11, 2013 in My Take
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I feel like absolute crap. Slight cold with a fever and sore throat. I might have to stay home from work tomorrow. But before that I will be taking medicines and drinking lots of liquids. And in the mean time I will be playing Elder Scrolls and drinking Hot Cocoa.

  1. cailinceol says:

    Aw no, feel better soon! In the meantime, hot hazelnut milk is so yummy – try it!

  2. generalchoa says:

    Ahh, feel better man! Hope you’re not away from the iron for too long.

    • I will be back at it tomorrow. If its on my schedule, it will get done. Squats, Hang Clean and Press and good mornings. If I have to drop the weight a little, thats okay, but i am not just gonna play Elder Scrolls all day…. again. 🙂

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