Tomorrow will be Squat, Press, and Deadlift

Here is the plan.

Squat: Last week I could only hit a few singles of 225. This week, I will try to hit as many as I can. I was actually about to get sick last week and I did not have full energy. So lets see whats up this week.
135 x 5
165 x 5
195 x 5
225 x AMRAP

Press: I could not hit more than 125 last week. So I will stay at 125 and try and hit some doubles or multiple singles.
75 x 5 (light cheese)
95 x 5 (warm up)
105 x 1 (warm up)
115 x 1 (warm up)
125 x 1 x multiple sets

Deadlift: Going for a heavy set of 5. I could have hit 280 for 5 last week, however, my neighbor was distracting me.
135 x 5 (Light Cheese)
225 x 5 (warm up)
255 x 5 (warm up)
280 x 3-5 (work set)

Some curls, bradford presses and maybe some type of row. 1-2 set of each.


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