Maintaining Strength While Losing Weight

Posted: December 28, 2013 in My Take
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This is what helped me lose weight, maintain strength and lose 3 points of body fat percentage in about 14-18 weeks.


The most important part of this process was the nutrition. I started cleaning up my diet. I cut out beer, pizza, and eating junk food. After about 4 weeks, I realized I was getting constipated, so I started eating more greens on top of what I was already eating. Which included things like quinoa, beans, boiled eggs, yogurt, potatoes and oatmeal and occasional steak and ground turkey. I also ate dairy and whatever else I could find that was not fried. Its also about portion control. Sweet potatoes are great, but eating about a pound of sweet potatoes slathered in syrup is probably not wise.

Also the fact that I do not eat a lot of meats had me looking for alternative protein sources. The biggest for me has been 2% milk, eggs, lentils, and quinoa. Lentils and Quinoa have all essential amino acids. I am not a dietitian but from what I have read, those help with recovery. And not to mention they taste YUMMY. Well… if you know how to cook. 🙂 OMI jeez! How could I forget!!! I also drank a lot of water. Always stay hydrated. If you are thirsty, you are not drinking enough water.

Resistance Training

When it comes to training, the addition of pull ups and dips really helped. On days that I was lifting heavy I made sure I had a good breakfast, which included oatmeal, eggs and maybe sweet potatoes. Now, since I was eating LESS I could not do the same amount work I was doing before. So I did only about 3-5 sets total for each exercise, squat, press, and deadlift. The importance is to keep the degree of difficulty moderate to high. Example: If you plan to do 3 sets of 5, it should not be easy. It should be moderately difficult.  I always started with compound movements, and did other smaller exercises like curls and wrist curls after the main part of my work out was done.


This is absolutely necessary. The type of cardio I chose was high intensity. Things like speed jump roping, basketball, and sprinting. Very few of my cardio sessions lasted more than 15 minutes. The only cardio exercise than last longer is when I play basketball. Long periods of cardio, at a low intensity, for a longer period of time, should IMO be avoided. If you want to burn fats, you need to go hard and get that heart rate up. It should not feel easy, and sometimes it will NOT be fun.

Now this may vary for from person to person, but I will not argue with the fact that it has worked for me. My squat is still 225. My Deadlift is still 315. And i have lost 20 pounds and my body fat percentage has gone down to 18.5. If you want to see what exercises I did and reps and things, just go back and look at my training logs. See if that will help you create your own routine that will help you achieve your weight loss (not strength loss) goals.




  1. Andrew B says:

    I’m trying to do a similar thing at the moment. Increase my strength following the StrongLifts program while hoping to lose excess fat along the way as my muscle increase in size and increase my metabolism while maintaining the amount of food I eat.

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