Health Needs to be Fun?

Posted: December 30, 2013 in My Take
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Healthy Lifestyle being fun. NO

Healthy Lifestyle being fun? NO

I always hear or read this stuff online. When it comes to your health, since when does anything have to be fun?  Of all the real reasons I have heard why people have a hard time working out or maintaining proper nutrition, things like working multiple jobs, raising kids, taking care of a loved one, going to school and working; these are valid reasons. And I will never judge someone for not being able to eat properly or train because of these types of things. However, The “exercise is not fun” is just an excuse. And so is the “I do not like cooking”.  This is how I see it: when you go to the doctors is that suppose to be fun? NO, you go because you need to get a check up. Or is taking a medical prescription that you NEED suppose to be fun? NO, you need it or you will not get better.

If you want drastic results, you need to make drastic changes. And some times those changes are not fun. They just need to be done OR you will get sick, obese, or get diseases that you may be predisposed to.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be fun.  But when an individual WANTS results, it should not matter if its fun or not.   And if they NEED results because their doctor says so, then the option of maintaining health being fun, needs to go out the window.

Having fun while training AND cooking is a privilege only few will really appreciate or experience. Many people see health/fitness as a chore. Or it may not be a priority at all. However which way you see it, if a person wants or needs a certain result, aesthetic or otherwise, they need to work around the fact that it may not be a means of entertainment.  Regardless, your health needs to be a priority, whether it be the exercise or the nutrition. Since when are priorities fun? Usually never. 🙂

Take care everyone!


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