A Few Days as a “Personal Trainer”

Posted: January 7, 2014 in My Take
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“Train and drain, Bro. Train the body!!! Drain these suckas bank accounts, you feeling me!?”

Not that far from the truth based on my little experience here. So I recently got hired as a trainer at a big box gym. Well… I have learned a few things about engaging people. But the amount of misinformation and lack of knowledge from men and women who have been in the business *more on this later* for years, in my first 4 days has made me want to vomit. One of my concerns was when we went over the 3 most important points to remember. They were as follows:

  1. represent the company well
  2. make revenue
  3. be a team player

Nothing on here had anything to do with actually helping he general public. The intro to how to actually help people was really half assed, very little is spoken in regards to technique or how to do exercises. Well… how to do them CORRECTLY that is. There is no emphasis on making sure we teach correct technique is what I am saying.  The main part of the whole on board training was more about business, and how to get, *trick* a person in to thinking they need personal training.

As I stated earlier, this is a business. However, I do not understand why many trainers give out complete misinformation. Just say “I dont know, let me find out for you.” And then these trainers, become supervisors or fitness managers, and train people with this misinformation. You can give accurate information and be a “personal trainer”.

I do not feel qualified some times to teach folks to train. However, what is shocking is that there are people who know less about practical resistance and cardio exercise and are given the authority to train people. People trust personal trainers. And chances are they may be trusting someone who does not know what the hell they are doing or saying.

I actually sent my resignation in a short while ago.  I have 2 other jobs so I will be okay.




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