Ditch the Squat!

Posted: January 7, 2014 in My Take
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Ha! Suckah!

"LMAO You almost made me pause squat little man!"

“LMAO You almost made me pause squat little man!”

I don’t really mean ditch the squat. However, if you can’t do them or don’t want to, there is no legislation that says they are mandatory like purchasing medical insurance. *ZING*. I always recommend squats, but only if they can be done safely. I will post alternatives to the squat as well as a workout on how to slowly graduate to the squat.

Alternatives to the Squat

The DREADED Leg Press:

If you have not leg pressed ever, you should try it before you knock it.  The leg press is an excellent alternative for someone who does not know how to squat or won’t squat or deadlift.

Here is a simple workout if you don’t know how to squat or won’t do squats. Now, you could just do Squats and Jump Rope instead of ALL of these exercises if you are in the “I don’t want to squat” Camp. And please start with little or no weight in the beginning in order to learn the correct form of the exercise.   Also if you can not squat because of a previous injury or serious physical handicap please seek the advice of a medical professional or sport medicine specialist. And also seek the advice a doctor before starting any fitness routine and before taking any suppliments. 

Leg press
Reverse lunges
Leg curls
Glute bridges
Calf raises
Jump rope

Graduate to the Squat

Squat stretch
Squating on a chair or elevated platform *must be sturdy and support your weight*
Monster walks with a loop band
Leg swings in all directions
Lying Abduction
Glute Bridges
Foam Rolling
Total Body Stretching
Foam rolling of the calves and muscles on the shin side of leg. This will help increase ankle flexibility before a squat workout.  As well as all parts of your body. I will post something in the future regarding foam rolling and stretching.


Now, I feel that anyone who is trying to improve their strength or appearance should do some form of squat. But if you can’t or won’t or do not know how, I have done my best to give you some alternatives. Put it like this for all the leg press haters. In high school all I did was leg press, leg curls, calf raises and extensions and was able to dunk on a 10 foot rim in about 6 months. Mind you it was a rim grazer, but I was only about 5’7″. So please guys, don’t talk shit about the leg press if you have not done it before or think its useless because some guy named Mark said so. 🙂 Eat my shorts.

  1. Good post. I had to ditch the squat because of major hip flexor tendonitis but have replaced with Bulgarian squats, step ups, 45 degree leg press, and the hack squat machine. These have been great replacements and my hips are thanking me daily for making the changes.

  2. Fred says:

    Yup! Now I am a big squat guy, but I really no longer squat big anymore! I have lowered the weight and do mostly pause squats which really help me hit my glutes. Lets face it, I have been squatting for 21 years now. Im almost 41. My knees are gettin creaky!!
    The crux of your post is to do the squat CORRECTLY and if you can;t , well then don’t.
    My chiropractor is a nice guy but I nicknamed him MR. Anti-squat cause he thinks it is a bad exercise for anybody. I always have a fun time trying to explain that if done correctly it will help your back…… he laughs at me of course. I point out that he has a leg extension machine and that nothing in nature has you lifting weight in any shape or form like this machine does.I then pointed out that the squat and dead lift are natural movements. He argued back that yes the leg extension is not a natural movement in that sense but if done with lighter, more manageable weight, then it is safe. I said yes you’re right, just like the squat! Just like any exercise! Ha Ha.

    • There is a lot of misinformation out there. There are risks to doing any exercise but the benefits outweigh the risks. And the risk is minimal if you are using correct technique, and that goes for any exercise. That doctor sounds like he has never been under a bar in his life. Your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work! And if you are still a firefighter, be safe out there.

      • Fred says:

        Thanks bro! Ive been getting a lotta good out of your blog too!
        I have ten years on the job and I have a little ways left to go. It gets harder and harder as you get older so I take my fitness seriously, staying in the iron game is the only way!!

      • exactly. i want to lift weights for as long as possible. which is why i dont try for my max every week or every month for that matter. for me its become more about health and getting in shape for my wedding. gotta look good for the Mrs.

  3. I’m glad to see you didn’t list smith machine squats as an alternative; that thing is just dangerous! I agree with your advice, but if people are not squating just because they don’t like it I think they should give it another shot.

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