Questions to Ask Your Trainer

Posted: January 7, 2014 in My Take
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Even if your trainer looks like Bill Starr. Press him on these questions.. GET IT!!!!

Even if your trainer looks like Bill Starr. Press him on these questions.. GET IT!!??!!

I recently left a trainer job before I even got started because it was just all about the money and spreading misinformation. And I am not about to sell my soul just yet.  Now if you are considering getting a trainer at one of these branch gyms here some things you should ask.

Why did you become a personal trainer?
This is a very important question. Do not just go by what the answer is, but read what the person says and how they answer. Ideally you want someone who cares about the health and wellness of others. If the only answer you hear is “I love to train!” or some other answer like “its a side job”. Just think twice about.  You want some one who is going to put all their effort into you and make sure they come up with individualize training programs and not just copy paste everything.

Are you certified?
Certified does not always mean qualified. However, it does give you an idea of the type of gym you will be working out at. If a company hires guys off the street who is not certified it says a lot about the company standards. Chances are someone who works out and does not read enough to get an EASY certification, is not someone you would want to train with. It may also be a clue that they do not read or research in general. And they might just be in it for the money. And if a trainer says they are certified, you can ask to see their credentials.

What is your specialty?
If someone says “everything” or “what do you mean?” it is a warning sign. Especially if you have a specific goal in mind. For example: If you want to increase mobility and flexibility, you want to go to someone who specializes in that. So make sure you ask if there is something specific you want to work on.

Do you have a degree that relates to your field?
This is not always necessary but it is a plus. I have a degree in music performance, but my passion is health and fitness and I love barbell training. I always read and research as much as I can, so that way I do not give out any misinformation. And there is a possibility of a person who has a degree in exercise science who may have little or no practical experience in regards to training. You need to find that good medium of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences.

What type of routine do you do?
This is kind of a good way to see what their specialty is, even if the trainer does not think they have one.  This is just to see how they answer questions. If you think they are bullshitting their answers just to get a sale, then you are probably right.

How long have you been training people?
This is very important. Now we all need to start somewhere in regards to fitness and health careers, but if a person is going to an expensive gym, with expensive rates, they definitely want to make sure they are getting their monies worth. It is always important to know that your trainer is not just some guy/gal off the street.

What types of certifications do you have?
This is in regards to specialty certs like kettle bells, yoga, pilates or some other specific type of training. This can give you an idea of how serious and passionate the person is about their careers. It also lets you know if they have put in the time to learn about other things within the health and fitness field.

If I think of any other questions I will post them later.

Never let a trainer become an authority figure. It should be a partnership. You guys are suppose to work together in order to help reach a goal. Remember, the information trainers get is all out there. There is nothing special about what they know because all that information is available to everyone.  So make sure you educate yourself and research before dropping a stack of cash for, what could be, a bum trainer. 🙂



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