My Goals for 2014

Posted: January 9, 2014 in My Take
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Okay people, so I am coming to the realization, that I am a short person. And that’s okay. I am 5’7″ maybe 5’8″. What I have realized is that even though I am short I can still be strong. Recently, in the last 4 years, I felt I needed to get bigger in order to be strong. My weight has been as light as 158 and as heavy as 226. In the last 4 months my weight went from 200 lbs to 179 lbs. I have noticed my body taking a more V taper type shape compared to before. I said to my self… “maybe I am not meant to be huge”. My family is relatively small in stature and thin. And that is in terms of bone structure not “fat vs skinny”. Playing basketball the majority of my life, I feel I am made to be short, strong and agile. Not this bulky beast who can not move. I am not saying being big and strong and really bulky is bad, I just realized it is not for my body type. However, it does not mean I want to look scrawny either. So far, my plan is working. Losing the fats, maintaining the strength, cleaning up the diet, and maintaining strength and good health.

Goals for 2014 are as follows:

Get down to 165 lbs.
Deadlift 2.0x body weight
Do 20 Chin Ups
Do 35 Dips
Press My Body Weight
Touch a 10 foot rim.

That is all.

  1. I find your comments on body size really interesting. I’m a pretty small boned person myself and it took me years to realize I will never look like the hulk. I’ve had good results with putting on mass on strength training programs, but nothing spectacular (maybe 7-10 pounds over a year). I think developing a good and sturdy physique is all one can ask for. I’m interested that you chose the dead lift as your strength benchmark, did you consider anything else, like the squat or clean?

    • I am 5’7-8″ However, my wingspan is 6’2″ I can deadlift 300×5 reps. but Only squat about 200 for 5 reps. And i have recently moved over to high bar squats and front squats because I have finally learned to do them and they are just more fun to do than the Low bar squat. Deadlift is my favorite lift. I just enjoy doing it. no reason other than that. O forgot to mention i want to press my bodyweight.

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