How Basketball and a Doctor Saved My Life

Posted: January 10, 2014 in My Take
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So… here is the story from the beginning. When I was in middle school, I ate fried eggs and french fries every day for breakfast, along with a cup of Pepsi Cola or whatever other soda we had.  At that time, or any time before that, my weight or health did not matter. I did not care that I was very out of shape and very overweight. At 5’5″ I weight 197 lbs. That is more than what I weight now as an adult. In middle school everyone was really close and no one really made fun of me. Everyone was surprisingly nice and accepting of each other. But High school was a different story. …..

So in high school I was harassed in one of my health classes for being a “herb”.  So much, that I sought out a counselor, and transferred out of the class. Thankfully I did, I probably would have got physically harmed if I stayed in that class. After that I continued to extremely unhealthy and overweight. Then one day during a physical doctor told me I was obese. And of course my mom was like ,” But he looks fine….” And my mom said ,”he has been playing basketball lately and he has been sweating a lot, I am worried that he is sweating so much.” Or something close to that is what she said. The doctor said , “THATS GOOD! , let that sweat release all that garbage!!!”

I had always liked to play basketball, but this time, basketball become more serious. Because of my health. During the summer after my sophmore year, I played basketball everyday for almost 8 hours. Just shooting around and pick up games in the park. I went from 197 lbs to 158 lbs in about… 6 months. I was even able to touch the rim and dunked ONCE back then. I also stopped drinking soda and fried foods. That was probably the most important part.

Had it not been for basketball and my doctor, I probably would have diabetes right now or worse. For me, fitness become fun simply because I did something I loved. I love playing basketball. Its something that even lifting weights does not match. Unfortunately, many of us, those who are obese and/or have diabetes, do not have the option of making fitness fun. If you do not know what I mean check out my other post for clarification.  I was able to make health and fitness a part of my life BEFORE I got seriously sick. I was obese but had I got diabetes, high cholesterol, I would have been obligated to make changes. I probably would not have enjoyed losing weight as much as I did since it would have been an obligation rather than a fun activity.

I never realized how important that doctors appointment had been for me. And of course shootin hoops and breakin ankles.

8 hours a day.

8 hours a day.

That’s about it.


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