Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full strength today…. LETS GO!!!!!!!

Barbell Curl:
50 x 8
65 x 8
80 x 5 Couldnt get 6 reps. i will stay at 80 lbs as my top weight.

High Bar Squat: Still taking it easy until i feel comfortable with this type of squat. i feel about going heavier. but not yet. not a race.
55 x 8
85 x 8
105 x 8

Wide Bench Press:
65 x 8
97.5 x 8
117.5 x 8

Power Clean: feels good.
100 x 3 x 5

Row: i love this. these are done with a close supinated grip. get that bicep in there in a little more.
102.5 x 8
122.5 x 8
142.5 x 8

Crunches 3 sets of 60
Calf Raise 3 Sets of Burning



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