…Train for Health…

 – Leroy Colbert

Only recently did I realize that is what I have been doing for last 5 months, and which is why I am in the best shape of my young life. I 100% agree with this phrase. Many people train for aesthetics. You know… to get those 6 pack abs or that beach body for the summer. Others train to be big and strong. You guys know who I am talking about, those that believe that having a six pack does not matter if you are “weak”.  And many just train for the short term, events like a graduation, wedding, or a reunion.

If you train for good health and maintain good nutrition everything will fall into place. Before you say,” I want to be a powerlifter!”  or “I want six pack abs!” I would say learn the basics. And that includes nutrition. If you can maintain good nutrition, as you get more experience you will be able to make appropriate changes for more specific goals like six pack or training for pure strength. Not only that, but you will actually learn to train regularly before committing to a goal, that you do not know if you want or not. Most people THINK they want something, until they realize how much commitment and hard work it takes.

Don’t try to get as strong as you can as fast as you can. What is the purpose? This is not a race. If you genuinely like training or any form of exercise, then I am guessing you want to do it for as long as possible.  Add resistance gradually in whatever form of exercise you do. And for all those barbell/strength enthusiasts out there, contrary to what some popular authors or fitness personalities say, do some form of cardio. I have included cardio as part of my weekly training and in no way shape or form has it ever affected my gains negatively. And if it did, but I am a healthier human being, then I can live with that.  Whether it is jump rope, jogging, sprinting  or playing a sport, it will only benefit you in the long run.

You can be very strong and not have excessive pounds of fat on your body. Some times people think its one way or the other. Look good and be weak or be strong and chubby. Completely flawed way of looking at why a person should be training. If you train for health at the beginning of your fitness life, focus on form and technique, you will be better for it. And you will have more options if you ever want to advance in your training. That is all. 🙂


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