Joe Buck Sucks

Posted: January 19, 2014 in My Take
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Joe Buck Sucks

I usually post or talk about fitness related topics. If I was going to post about a topic non-fitness, I am sure there are a lot of other topics that are more important than Joe Buck. But this has just annoyed me for far too long.

Joe Buck… you suck. You should not be an announcer. Especially for the New York FOOTBALL Giants. You are monotone, you don’t provide insight into the game, and you are clearly biased for certain teams during certain games. I mean, you had MANY chances to make a great call in SO MANY GAMES, and you blew it. Let me tell you what I had to do Mr. Buck, I had to put my TV on the SAP option because I could not stand your commentary. OH and your friend Troy Aikman is terrible also.

I am sure the only reason you have a job is because your father was an AMAZING announcer. Otherwise you would be a TV weatherman. I take that back, you actually need a personality to be a weather man.

Please FOX News, just stop putting this man to announce NY Giants games. Show the American people SOME mercy. You already own most of the news, let us AT LEAST enjoy a football game without the BORING voice of Joe Buck.


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