Video Review: Barbell Squat : the Worst Exercise in Existence? . . .

Posted: January 21, 2014 in My Take
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I am not sure how old this video is, and I am not sure how I found it. But … its full of crap, and who knows… possible troll? Either way, some people MAY agree with this nonsense. So many fallacies in here. I just had to dissect this garbage.

Here are just some of the unsubstantiated claims or statements in this video.

“We are going to put your neck, between this bar, and the ground, so if you fall forward you face catastrophic injury, paralysis and perhaps death.”

“if you fall backward….. you are also facing catastrophic injury.”

How many deaths per year via the squat for non competitive individuals?  No citations or evidence so this claim goes out the window.

He also states that the spine is, “most delicate joint structure in your body.” Really?

“Also known as your backbone, your spine is a strong, flexible column of ring-like bones that runs from your skull to your pelvis. It holds your head and body upright and allows you to bend and twist your body. It also offers protection to your spinal cord – a large bundle of nerves that runs through the cavity in the centre of your spine that relays messages between your brain and the rest of your body.”

Some other sources regarding this topic: there are probably MORE out there and probably more tangible. But I am not going to write a dissertation just to eviscerate this ridiculous video:

More lunacy and unsubstantiated nonsense.

“Your putting this really really heavy bar on top of it *neck*, at the same time and simultaneously *redundant*, the further you can physically get away from the intended muscle groups.”

Distance of the bar from the intended muscle has nothing to do with the claim that Squats are dangerous. Also, even though the squat does primarily work the legs, it is a full body compound movement.  He repeats this dangerous bit for the first 8 minutes of the video. Just because you restate misinformation over and over doesn’t make it true. Squats can be dangerous IF done incorrectly, or if using maximal loads without taking proper precautions.

More fallacies….

“No one with the basic understanding of anatomy…. would be like ‘hhmmm let me loud this relatively thin bar up put it up top of your spine and on top of your neck and hope it all holds together…”

Again, this in no way, shape or form, supports the claim. And since when do doctors and physical therapists know anything in regards to how squats are or should be performed? Just a question to think about before assuming that since someone is an authority of sorts, they are correct. Remember, this is outside of their realm of expertise. Just like recommending medicine is outside of the realm of expertise for a coach or a qualified personal trainer.  Also on the flip side, there are many PhDs, Athletic Trainers, Coaches, personal trainers, and Physical Therapists that know the anatomy and physiology of the human body and have recommended that their patients or trainees, use squats. Argument out the window.

He also goes on to state that the body, specifically the spine doesn’t adapt due to the squat. He states it is only speculation. Another issue with his claim is that he assumes that everyone is squatting with heavy weight. ALSO, again no evidence for this claim other than his own experience.

“You’re betting at the risk of catastrophic injury, is soon or later, especially later because *inaudible* because its guaranteed, because the risk of injury is 100% over a long enough time span performing a barbell squat.”

Yes, I could barely understand what he said also. However, the injury percentage idea is a fallacy and not based on any evidence. An example would be the equivalent to the statement, “the rate of death for humans born is 100% if they live long enough.” ….. 😐

Just some questions to think about before you would consider no longer squatting. Even though I know most of you will not stop. Thank jebus.

  • What proof did this boy provide other than anecdotal evidence?
  • Has this guy ever been injured because he did squat incorrectly?
  • Maybe he is biased regarding the squat since he never performed it correctly in the first place?
  • Is he is a possible troll in real life?

No evidence or citations were provided except for some book he was holding. Now the last quotes from this video full of unsubstantiated claims.

“There is nothing dumber you can do than a barbell squat”

I can only say 1 thing. Fallacy.

“There is nothing more ineffective and unsafe.”

Show me.

“And even if you are squatting in a rack, who says  it will fully protect you?”

With any exercise there is always a risk of injury. And there is no exercise on this planet that is 100% safe, IF it is done incorrectly or without taking proper precautions. This is from is other link  I am doing my best to keep my cool… and I am sure any of you who have squatted correctly and effectively … .know how condescending, contradictory and nonsensical the following comments will are.

“It should not be misinterpreted that anyone and everyone who has ever done or advocated a free standing barbell back squat “is stupid”. I did them myself throughout high school. In fact, they were the only leg exercise I liked out of what was available to me, especially after multiple knee dislocation events. I even did a few bbb squats in college.”

“I am not stupid, but, the exercise itself is about as ‘stupid’ as a concept can be, and I was completely wrong to do them at any point in my life. Anyone who advocates them today, well, that action is their responsibility, not mine. The exercise remains stupid regardless of how great or how poor the advice in general is from such advocates otherwise.”

Closing Statement

Shut Up Little man!

Shut Up Little man!

After watching this video, I am really starting to wonder if this guy was trolling or maybe practicing for a debate.  Now, I am not saying everyone HAS to squat. Or if you DO NOT squat you are a weakling.  However, to completely demonize the squat, as this video ATTEMPTS to do, is just irresponsible.  There a tons of fallacies within his video. And on his website, he of course quote mines like a true fitness fundamentalist in order to support his claim.

Have fun watching the video and saying , “What the f**K are you talking about?”


ps: if there are any typos or grammatical errors, I am sorry, this is probably one of my longest posts I have made.

  1. The guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about and is most likely doing it for attention…or to sell something. I have seen it before, a year or two ago, and felt the same way then as I do now. It is a skinny dude talking about how ineffective the squat is…pot calling the kettle black.

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