Jedi Mind Trick

Posted: January 22, 2014 in My Take
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Jedi Mind Trick

You must work out or, live a less healthy life, you will.

….. *waves hand* You will buy personal training…….

Do not fall for the personal trainer mind trick. Many trainers are good at spitting that game in order to get you to sign that 6 month commitment or a package of personal training. They might even promise you thinks that are unrealistic just to get you to commit. Unfortunately, from my experience, some trainers are told to be sharks and get that “close” and get “clients” in and out. Kind of sad. Mind you NOT all trainers are like this. However, be wary of who wants to get you to sign a commitment so fast.

Do not feel pressure that you HAVE to buy personal training with a trainer. Listen to what they say and trust your gut. And remember to ask as many questions as you want. And always ask about a free session. This will allow you to see how the trainer interacts with you and if you would like to work with him or her.

And in closing, do as much research as possible regarding whatever it is your goals are. Do not trust anyone ESPECIALLY a personal trainer at a big box gym, with what you learn.

Now… in the words of the great Yoda…

Yes, hmmm. You must be careful with personal trainers or, steal your money, will they. 


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