Weight Loss Update

Posted: January 29, 2014 in My Take
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So my goal is to get down to 170 lbs. I got down to 180 faster than expected. I have been able to maintain most of my strength. I guess the appropriated word for what I am doing is “Body Re-composition” I suppose. My body fat went down to 18.5 from 22.5. I feel in way better shape and stronger at that. At the end of this whole plan, a post will be made detailing everything. Including the entire Macro Cycle, or whatever it is called, of all the 4-6 week mini cycles. Should be awesome!

But it did look something like this:

4 weeks of Strength Training: 3-5 reps
6 weeks of “Power” Building: 6-8 Reps
6 weeks of “Hypertrophy” and Conditioning Work: 12-15 reps *This is the next one
2 week active rest

Mind you, the rep ranges are not easy. In each cycle there was really only 1 work set. I only increased weight once the desired number of reps was reached. No percentages were used. Mind you, the main purpose for me is to stay healthy. So I am not concerned if I lose a little bit of strength or size in between 6 week cycles. Part of life.

Essentially this looks like some type of powerlifting periodization routine in reverse. ??? who knows because I have never done one. Originally this was just me going from 6 week period to 6 week period.


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