Be ‘Coachable’

Posted: February 9, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

I remember writing something about how to pick a personal trainer. But now I am turning the tables.  When an individual goes to a coach or a teacher, the assumption is that they want to learn something new or expand their knowledge on a specific topic. However, many people do not know how to learn from someone else. Especially in the world of fitness. Many people tend to put blame on the trainer/coach for lack of results. However, before they do that, they need to take a look at themselves. They need to ask themselves,”Am I coachable?”

Now what does that mean, ‘coachable’? It means a person is open to new ideas and techniques. It means they want to learn, and they do not assume they know everything. I had a trainee tell me he was not going to do push ups and dips in the same workout because it put too much emphasis on the “lower pectorals”. First off, I don’t know what pectorals he was talking about in the first place. But my main question is this, ‘why go to a coach if you do not ask questions’? If a person is going to do what they want regardless, they really should just save their time and money.

A Message to Pain in the Ass Trainees

When someone is coaching you, make sure you give them your FULL attention. Do not look over at some thing else while someone is trying to teach you something. Do not interrupt or tell the coach he/she is wrong in what they are doing or saying in a rude or disrespectful manner. If you want to know why or how, simply ask. Standing with your arms crossed is also another way to let your coach you do not give a shit. Also, if your coach happens to reach out to you via email, please respond. Email is hands down the fastest way to communicate these days. So anyone who does not respond, is probably choosing not to respond.


I do not know everything, but there are aspects of training I can instruct confidently and correctly. I take what I do seriously simply because someone has pretty much put their life in my hands. It is my responsibility. They want me to help them. I love when people ask questions and open themselves up. However, there is one thing I am not. I am not there to just count reps, like some trainers do. I am all about safety and making sure I find the correct form and technique. So if a trainee just wants someone to spot them, count reps for them, or to tell them what their heart rate is while they run on the treadmill, or agree with what they say regarding training, whilst they disregard everything else I say, they are wasting their money. Go find a training partner instead.

A good coach, will tell you when you are doing something wrong. Yes…. WRONG.  I had when some fitness managers say,” don’t ever tell them they are doing something wrong. just tell them there is a ‘different’ way of doing it that is more effective.” Bullshit.  There is usually a reason why an exercise is less effective, and that reason is usually that it is being done INCORRECTLY. If being told you are doing something incorrectly hurts your feelings, you need to get over that real fast. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a “train and drain” $$$$ personal trainer.  Appreciate a coach that nit picks the little things.

Be proactive when you have a coach/trainer. Ask them questions. Respect what they do, and check your ego at the front desk. If you are not there to learn, why are you there?

Yoda wouldn't play that shit.

Yoda wouldn’t play that shit.


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