Hello All!

Dips: 8 sets of 8; 64 reps
Pull Ups: 8 sets of 4; 32 reps

1.5 mi in 12:40; Personal Record.

Neutral Grip Chin Up: 8 sets of 5; 40 reps
Sit Ups: 2 sets of 3 minutes
Crunches: 2 sets until burning


I was pretty much done after running that 1.5 mi. Still got in the amount reps I wanted. doing 8 reps of dips felt easy. The pull ups are more of a struggle.

I feel in the best shape of my life. But i know there more I can do. Lets fucking GO! I am not sure I will get down to 173 lbs by March 1. But I will do my best. I am running about 6 miles a week.


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