Marcus Smart Loses It

Posted: February 10, 2014 in My Take
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This is very unfortunate and stupid. Stupid on the part of Smart. HA, PUN! But in all seriousness, This type of stuff is inexcusable. If you listen to Jay Bilas on the video, he says he wants to know what the fan said that set Smart off. It does not matter. He could have insulted Smart’s mom and called her a racial slur or him a slur and it still does not give a him the right to assault a fan in the stands. Now IF the fan said that, that is wrong, but it does not give anyone license to assault that person.

Anytime I see something like this is reminds me of Malice in the Palace. I still don’t know why Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson were not suspended for LIFE for attacking fans. These people, whether you like them or not, pay your salary. Without their wallets, players make doo doo. I mean, I am all for cursing out a fan, but not assaulting them.

The main point is this, if you do not like what some one has to say, just don’t listen. Regardless of what someone says about you, what do you gain from confronting them, instigating a fight or putting your hands on them? Absolutely nothing.


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