Hey All,

Recently I read an article on T-Nation. Most articles I find on there are completely useless to me. However this one in particular was interesting because it stated something that I feel strong about, and that is having some sort of squat, pushing movement and pulling movement in your routine.  Find that article here: Finding Your Big Three

The 3 movements I focus on right now are the High Bar Squat, Overhead Press, and the Conventional Deadlift.


The high bar squat is new to me. Since 2011 I have been doing only the low bar squat. I decided to change simple because…. I wanted to. I started about 2 months ago. Started at 75 lbs. Now I am at 175 lbs. It feel a lot more comfortable than the low bar. My quads actually get sore now. 🙂   I will stay with this until the one day I want to go back to low bar. If I ever do.

Even if your trainer looks like Bill Starr. Press him on these questions.. GET IT!!!!

The overhead press, IMO, is just the superior test of upper body strength when it comes to the barbell. So I do it instead of the bench. I also have come to realize that I do not like bench pressing much. I love to overhead press way more than benching. In place of benching I do Overhead Press and on off days I do Dips to get in some type of chest work. … “chest work”. 🙂



Now the conventional deadlift, is something that I will be refining from now until always because it is my favorite lift. I just love this lift. Maybe on other days when I want to get in reps, I’ll do Stiff Leg Deadlifts instead. But for heavy DL days, its just conventional deadlift.

That is all!



  1. Such a good article. My big three are sumo dead, bench press, and pull ups…love them.

  2. Fred says:

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