Smolov Jr. for the Press

Posted: February 23, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

I am thinking about trying Smolov  Jr. for the Overhead Press.  Smolov Jr. is explained here.

I LOVE the overhead Press. And I want to get to a bodyweight Press eventually. So… I thought hmmm… maybe I will try Smolov Jr. And see what happens. But I will try it once I get to a press of 135 lbs. Once I can do that for a set of 5 then I will try Smolov Jr.

I will also be taking about …. 3 Days rest, and starting training on Thursday. Going to give my body a well deserved rest.

Today was 50 degrees after weeks of colder weather. It was a nice day to go out and appreciate the nice weather. And it was great because I was with my fiance. Walking around eating hot dogs never felt better. 🙂

That is all.


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