Top 6 Squat Programs

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Now that you understand that training the heavy squat is the only thing between us and a deadly tornado of sharks, you want to know: how often and how heavy? Enter the elixir of macho mens, the favorite topic of meatheads everywhere, the one thing Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” can talk intelligently about…the squat program. 

The basic premise of any progressive strength program, whether for front squats or deadlifts or any heavy lift, is that you get stronger as weights go up. Duh. But what this incredibly simple principle produces is a seemingly endless supply of programs, regimes, routines, etc., each one promising to make you not just stronger, but stronger than any other program or routine can make you.

You’re grown, you can choose. The top 6 squat programs, starting with the ones most appropriate for those of you just now getting serious about heavy squatting, and ending…

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