Hello All,

So for a while I did Starting Strength routine by Mark Rippetoe. It was good routine, however, I neglected a lot of the basics that I wish I had done before hand. One of those things was doing Calisthenics. Pretty much anything involving body weight. I did not do any form of body weight training. Which, IMO, was detrimental to my progress.  Doing different variations of dips, pull ups and cardio respiratory greatly improved my ability to squat and deadlift. Foam rolling and stretching also made a huge difference.

All I am saying is this, if you are doing squats, deadlifts and pressing movements, dips and pull ups will only help. So will cardio. Some people think “it will hurt your gains”. Absolute nonsense.  And if you want to train to be healthy, you most definitely want to have some form of cardio and calisthenics to your routine.

That is my quick post. Time to shower and eat some vegan doughnuts!   🙂


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