Not Quite a Vegetarian, But Almost

Posted: March 2, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

For those of you who may have seen my post How I Lost 52 Pounds, I mentioned the importance of nutrition, depending on what your goals on are.  I have noticed that anytime I have lost weight, I cut down my meat intake close to nothing. I eat meat maybe once or twice a week at most. If that. Its not that I want to be a vegetarians, but it just seems that it is something that seems to work for me. Here are some of the foods I eat frequently:

Red Cabbage
Sweet Potatoes
Green Leaf Lettuce
Romain Lettuce
Peanut Butter
Milk (only when I drink hot cocoa and oatmeal)
Chicken (very rarely)
Beef (very rarely)

Any time I eat meat, my stomach does not like it much. Its like my body goes into instant constipation mode. I only eat about 4-6 oz of meat at any given time. Based on what I listed above, I am thinking about just making the move to “no-meat”. If any vegetarians or vegans out there, your feed back would be greatly appreciated.

That is all. 🙂

  1. Paul Ian says:

    I don’t eat meat at all, not even eggs. I take my protein nutrient from other sources-food, like beans & rice for example (you have them in your list).
    Meat from my research is a bad protein in-take nutrient, and genrally bad source of nutrient to have it on diet. Also if you don’t eat meat, you clear your body from toxins and the digestion becomes better procedure. Healthier intestine = healthier life, stronger & healthier body, strong immune system against any kind of viruses.
    So keep it up & try it …

    • Thanks. It not something I actively tried to do. It is just something I noticed. I also poop almost 3-4 times a day now. I still eat bacon because…. well… its delicious. But eating meat once every 2-3 weeks, is something I can live with. Some people I know don’t know how to eat if its not meat. Quinoa and Lentils…. my fav. Thanks again. I got you on facebook. do you have a twitter?

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