High Bar Squat:

Pre Warm Up Sets:
2 sets of body weight squats: 10 reps total about

Warm Up Sets
60% of goal weight: 108 x 5
70% of goal weight: 126 x 5
80% of goal weight: 144 x 5

Work Sets
90% of goal weight: 162 x 5
Goal Weight: 180 x 5 x 3; at first I thought I wasn’t going to have energy to do the 3 sets of 5. but i was able to get it. I do not like warming up with sets of less than 5. Maybe when the weight gets heavier, I will have a change of heart. But right now, I feel it puts me in a groove.

Bench Press:

Pre Warm Up:
45 x 5 x 2

Warm Up Sets:
95 x 5
115 x 5
130 x 5

Work Sets:
145 x 3 x 6; this felt good. I have not benched in weeks. HOWEVER, I am now benching .82x my body weight @175, versus .80x my bodyweight @ 200. 🙂


135 x 5; warm up
185 x 5; warm up
240 x 5 x 2; work sets @ about 90% of my max. This felt good. I was humble with regard to the weight, because lately I felt my form was crap.

In regards to bodyweight/weight lifted ratio. It has gone down for the deadlift. Not by that much. Use to be able to DL about 1.4x my bodyweight. Now its 1.37x my bodyweight. This is for sets of 5 with no belt. So its essentially the same. Today felt really good for everything. Today was an A in terms of the workout grade.


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