Suicide in apparently well-functioning young men – Contrary to previous research suggesting that mental illness – in particular depression

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized


– Most often from a  strong sense of shame and of being trapped in anger from not having succeeded in achieving their goals

– with continual increased efforts, does not work anymore, and suicide becomes a way out of a situation of unbearable psychological pain

You Fail Me You Fail Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Published 26.02.2014, updated: 26.02.2014, 14:30
Suicide among young men is a major public health concern in many countries, despite great efforts to find effective prevention strategies. By interviewing close relatives and friends of apparently well-functioning young men who unexpectedly took their own life, Norwegian researchers found there had been no signs of serious mental disorder. This contradicts previous research which suggests that depression or other mental illness is an important risk factor in suicide.

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