Grabbing Bars – Hitting PR’s

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Strength Militia

Picture 112

It has been a while since I have hit a solid PR on the conventional deadlift. I believe the last “real” PR I had was back in 2012 when I hit 350lbs x 1. Last week I hit 315 x 2 which I am unsure if I had done before. In years past, I never doubled any weight over 300lbs as I was usually working towards a heavy single vs. heavy double. This week I decided that I wanted to hit 315lbs x 2 again, which felt east. So,  I decided to bump it up another 10lbs to hit a solid 325lbs x 2 PR. It actually felt really good and I want to continue to push through these heavy weights with a goal of hitting over 350lbs again for a single. I edited the full video (you can kind of catch the beginning part) but my face was priceless when I finished the lift…

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