Taking Rest and Upcoming Workouts

Posted: March 10, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

I have decided to take the next few days off. I tweaked my lower back. I think it happened during one of my warm up body weight squats. Go figure. I was still able to hit a Personal record on the high bar squat. Thursday I will continue with strength training. Then Saturday will be Calisthenics and Sunday will be conditioning. With neck hurting, low back tweaked, and other joints feeling stiff, no reason for me to force out a work out.

This will be my next 3 day course.


High Bar Squat: 5 sets of 8-10 reps. About 50-60% of my 3×5 PR 185.
Press: 5 heavy singles
Deadlift: speed deadlifts: speed deadlifts.


Wide Grip Pull Up: 35+ total reps
Dips: 80+ total reps
Neutral Grip Chin Ups: 35+ total reps
Assisted Pull Up: 50 total pull ups. just to get in some extra reps.

1.5mi sprint

  1. hlynurstef says:

    That sucks to hear, I think you are doing the right thing by taking a few days off. It’s always best to be safe instead of risking more injury.

    • Yeah, I mean there is no rush. Next work is going to be squats for reps, bench for 5×5 and deadlift for technique work. My back already feels fine.

      • hlynurstef says:

        Yeah I hear ya. I actually tweaked my back last year and I took 2 weeks off and started feeling better so I went back in the gym and did some squats and I think I just made it worse because after that I basically couldn’t bend over without feeling pain in my back for a few months and had to take more than half a year off from doing lower body stuff and I then eventually I just started losing motivation to go to the gym so I lost a lot of strength in that time (which I’m building back up now). So I think it’s always best to just not rush anything because even though you might feel fine there still might be something off in your back that might get tweaked even more if you rush it too much. So I think you’ve got the right mindset when you say there’s no rush.

      • o mi jeez. that is terrible. I’m sure you will get your strength back with some hard work and dedication.

      • hlynurstef says:

        Yeah it sucked losing all that strength and muscle mass but I just decided to do the Starting Strength program to build back up. Also switched to high bar squats to put less strain on my lower back and start focusing more on form. So far so good, my strength is coming back gradually and I’m feeling a lot better now!

      • Great! I am glad to hear that. I actually going to make a post regarding my experience with starting strength and what I think about it in retrospect. keep an eye out for it.

      • hlynurstef says:

        I’ll keep my eyes peeled 🙂

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