More Experimentation: Push, Pull, Legs *Update*

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Push Pull Legs - 03.2014_04.2014
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So I made a change below, I added an extra day for doing pull ups and dips. I haven’t started this yet. However, I will start it sometime after next week once I get paid. I will join the good ole gym across the street. Right now I weigh about 168-172 lbs. The lightest I have been in about …. 4 years. Down from 225. I want to ideally get down to 160. And then start going in on the powerlifting. 🙂 Me and my nephew are going to do a meet hopefully sometime at the end of the year.

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

*old post*

Hello All,

So I Will be venturing into another routine, simply to experience what it is all about. And that routine is the Push Pull Legs. Routine. Here is how I will split it up. 3 Days a week in a Mon. Wed. Fri. type of set up.

I got the idea from this post

High Bar Squats – Sets of 5
Rack Position Reverse Barbell Lunge (sheesh, long exercise name) – Sets of 8
Good Mornings – Sets of 10-12
Glute Bridges – Sets of 15+
Goblet Squat – Sets of 15
Some form of Conditioning: Sprints or Jump Roping

Press – Sets of 5
Dips – Sets of 8
Bench Press – Sets of 10-12
Pec Deck or Fly’s – Sets of 15
Lateral Raises – Sets of 12-15
Some form of Conditioning – Sprints or Jump Roping

1)High Bar Squat Warm Up – 3 easy sets of 5; Warm up for Deadlift
1A)Deadlift – Sets of 3-5
Neutral Grip Chin Ups – Sets of 8
Row of Some kind – Sets of 10-12
Wide Grip Pull Up –  Sets of 8
Dumbbell Curls – Sets of 12-15
Some form of Conditioning – Sprints or Jump Roping

Neutral Grip Pull Up
Wide Grip Pull Up
In order for me to do this, I will have to go to my neighborhood gym. When I will start this is yet to be determined. Any way…… time for rest and sleep.

That is all. 🙂

  1. Looking good dude, enjoy it

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