Hello All,

Starting tomorrow. Changing workout so I can do this at home.

High Bar Squats – Sets of 5
Reverse Barbell Lunge – Sets of 8
Good Mornings – Sets of 10-12
Glute Bridges – Sets of 15+
Goblet Squat – Sets of 15
Some form of Conditioning: Sprints or Jump Roping

Press – Sets of 5
Bench Press – Sets of 8
Dips – Sets of 10-12
Pec Deck or Fly’s – Sets of 15+
Lateral Raises – Sets of 12-15
Some form of Conditioning – Sprints or Jump Roping

1)High Bar Squat Warm Up – 3 easy sets of 5; Warm up for Deadlift
1A)Deadlift – Sets of 3-5
Reverse Wide Grip Pendlay Rows – Sets of 8
Close Grip Inverted Rows – 12
Shrugs – Sets of 10-12
Pull Aparts – sets of 15+
Some form of Conditioning

Neutral Grip Chin Up
Wide Grip Pull Ups
Incline Curls

That is all. 🙂


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