Took everything light for the first day. except squats. so next week. I will add about 5-10 lb for the reverse lunges since they were some what difficult even with just the bar. and maybe 20 lbs for the good mornings. They were insanely easy. Goblet Squats might go up to 30, but only for sets of 12 this time. Glute bridges will only be for max work. today was 30.

High Bar Squat:
95 x 5
125 x 5
155 x 5
172 x 5 x 3; body weight squat. 🙂 eeeeeppp!!! Can’t wait to get up to 225 later on this year. It will happen. AGAIN. This time at a lower body weight than 200 lbs.

Reverse Barbell Lunge:
45 x 8 x 3; just to start.

Good Mornings:just to start.
45 x 12 x 3

Glute Bridges:
3 sets of 30:

Goblet Squats
25 x 12-15 x 3

Jumping Jacks: Doing it old school.

Post Workout Stretch


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