Hello All,

Just completed week 1 of a push pull legs routine that I put together based on my needs. Even though every body part is essentially worked out once a week. I have never been this sore from doing any other routine in the first week. Holy crap. Even though its once a week, I am really happy in regards to the scheduling. The workouts are intense, and you have a FOCUS for the workouts, vs the full body routines which focus on the body as a whole for one training session.

The main difference between what i am doing and other push pull legs, is that I start with Legs, rest, then Push, rest then Pull. Then after the Pull day I do calisthenics. Which to come to think of it, will be tomorrow, so I guess the first week is NOT over yet. But I love pull ups and dips. So far so good. But lets see if I can still make progress from week to week. ALSO, i have lost another 4 pounds. I weigh 168 lbs. YAY!!!! 8 more lbs and I am at my goal weight!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH !!!!

Well…Once I get to 160 and finish this 4-6 week review of Push Pull Legs, I will decide if I want to work down to 150, or start going hard into powerlifting and working towards my first meet at the end of they year.

That is all! 🙂


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