Hello All,

Today is the last day of my push pull legs week 1. I worked on mostly upper body calisthenics and some parts of my physique I felt needed some extra work. Forearms and biceps and traps. Nothing major. I did not do any lower body stuff since my legs were still sore and I squat on Sunday. My arms felt PUMPED. 168 lbs. I few more lbs and I will make the weight I wanted.

Neutral Grip Chin Ups:
5 sets of 8

1 set of 15
4 sets of 12

Cable Rows:
85 x 15 x 3

Incline Curls:
20 x 12 x 3

Deadlift hang with dumbbells:
60 lbs: 3 sets of 35 seconds.

40 x 15 x 3

Open close of hand: for the forearms.



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