Hello All,

On Thursday I am heading over to my neighborhood gym. I need to be in an atmosphere with steel and testosterone and sexy ladies staring at my body. Here is the plan.

Sundays: Legs
Start at 730a

Tuesdays: Push
Start at 1330

Thursdays: Pull
Start at 730am

Tuesdays are going to be the hardest day. Because I wont be able to start until 1430 or later. AND since I wake up at 430 I will be on low sleep. Maybe on Tuesdays I will train at my job? I do not know yet. I might have to move it to Wednesdays instead…. probably better. Let’s work it out now!

Sunday – I’m off, this will definitely be Legs.
Monday – I work.
Tuesdays – I wake up at 4am, by the time i get to the gym it will be 3pm the earliest…. So this probably won’t work for Push.
Wednesday – I work, but I have the whole day after 1030am. I think this will work best.
Thursday – I work in the evening, This give me the morning to do Pull.
Friday – Calisthenics day.
Saturday – Rest

So it looks like I will train on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Push and Pull on consecutive days should not be a problem. Essentially its a bench press day and a deadlift day. We will see.

That is all. 🙂


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