Hello All,

I have found, throughout my time training, that certain exercises tend to be more useful when done with a certain rep range. And that certain muscles react better to certain rep ranges. Big compound movements are better for performing for example heavy sets of 3. I have not found that be true for smaller movements like curls, lateral raises, wrist curl, etc. Example: I have never done a heavy set of 3 on a leg extension. I am going to list types of exercises and what I think the appropriate rep range should be based on my experience.

  1. Squat Variations: Sets of 1-8 reps. I find that doing more than 8 reps, form starts to break down, especially for the squat.
  2. Benching Variation: 1-8 reps Same at the Squat, you can push for more, but only if it is less than 70% of your max. IMO
  3. Pressing Variation: 1-5 reps The press I find is best to be done in sets of 3. After that, sometimes I start to flare the elbows or hyper extend back. 
  4. Conventional Deadlift: 1-6 reps IMO there is no reason to do sets of 10 or more for the DL. Form will deteriorate and people get more focused on getting the reps than maintaining proper technique.
  5. Curls: 8-15+ reps I have always found that doing sets of 12 or more have given me better results when it comes to the curl.
  6. Lateral Raises: 12+ reps Isolation movement, that does not need to be performed at max weight. This works best with higher volume and light weight.
  7. Leg Extensions:12+ reps Same as above.
  8. Leg Curls: 12+ reps Same as above.
  9. Calf Raises: 30+ reps We walk and run basically everyday, most people should be able to do 30 standing calf raises no problem. UNLESS you do little or no walking.
  10. Flys: 12+ Doing heavy flyes puts to much stress on the shoulder and if too heavy, you find this works out the biceps more than the chest. 
  11. Wrist Curls: 20+ Same as the calf raises. We use our hands every day, so doing a set of 20 of wrist curls should not render your hand useless the next day.
  12. Rowing movements: 5-12, rows, depending on the variation, can be done with virtually any rep range. (almost forgot about these)

If you noticed, I did not mention any ab or body weight movements. I will posting about those some time in the future.

Mind you this is what I feel has worked for me, so some of you may disagree.

I feel like I am missing something,  if I remember I will update this post. For now…



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