Next 6 Week Cycle Possibility

Posted: April 4, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

I am not sure what I will do for my next 6 week cycle. I am thinking about reviewing another popular split routine. Here are some of my options for the next cycle:

Upper/Lower – 4 Days a week
Upper/Lower – 3 Days a week
Full Body
4 Day Split for Strength.(
Body Part Splits
Agonist/Antagonist Split

That is about it… I am leaning towards the 4 Day Split for strength, if not the 3 day Upper/Lower split.

That is all! 🙂

  1. Been following GZCL Method and absolutely love it. Unconventional by most popularUS programs out right now but a friend who competes internationally introduced me to the high frequency style type of training and I’ve seen the be strength gains off of it.

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