hello all,

I give this workout a rating of a C. I just wasn’t feeling it. I was distracted by people in the gym making conversation. Tomorrow should be better. I hate when I dont have a good workout. BUT I finished. The good thing was I definitely feel like I got in a good back workout. I was really gassed after the deadlifts so my pull ups were kind of ugly. But I get the 40 reps I wanted. I think I need better workout gear to go to the gym. I look like a herb.

95 x 5
135 x 5

135 x 5 with read bands, overhand grip
205 x 5
265 x 3,2
265 x 1 x 5

Wide Grip pull ups: 40 total reps

Cable Rows:
90 x 15 x 5

Dumbbell Row:
45 x 8-10 x 3
30 x 15 x 2

Face Pull:
30 x 15 x 5


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