Hello All,

Incline Dumbbell Press: Focus on Upper Chest
30 x 8 x 2
40 x 10 x 3
40 x 6,4 x 2

Incline Fly: Focus on Upper Chest
20 x 10 x 5

Incline Curl: Getting a nice stretch on the biceps.
25 x 10 x 3

Dumbbell Shrugs: Working on the Traps as well as grip. It really difficult to hold on to the weight.
65 x 15 x 3

Pull Pull, Wide grip pull up, neutral grip chin up: I love Pull ups. So I do them.
5,4,3,2,1 x 4: 60 total reps

Cable Row: To get in that horizontal back movement.
100 x 8 x 3

Dips: I love dips.
5 sets of 10

Squats: A good way to get in a second day of squats.
95 x 10 x 2
115 x 20 PR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

Seated Leg Curl: Just to hit the posterior part of the upper leg. Especially since I did squats.
70 x 15
85 x 15
100 x 15

Stretching: Love it.
5 minutes

That is all! 🙂


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