Hello All,

I just ended week 4. So a few things I have realized. I will be changing my deadlift form. I feel like while trying to lose weigh, learning a new exercise is great. You will make gains, since it is a new exercise and do not have to worry about losing strength on an exercise you have done before. If that makes sense. My squat is getting better and better every week. Squatting twice a week has definitely worked.

Goals for next week are as follows:

High Bar Squat:
190 x 5
125 x 15+

Sumo Deadlift: This will not be real wide stance Sumo deadlift. It will be a moderate stance.
135 x 5 x 3

Incline Bench Press:
95 x 5

Run 1.5 miles in 11.5 minutes. This is a stretch but I am going to go for gold this week. If I don’t get it, no problem.

In regards to nutrition I will continue to take in an extra 24 grams on protein per day.

That is all! 🙂


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