Hello All,

I follow Elgin Mones’ youtube channel and I check out his videos once in a while. He posted a review of  The Lilliebridge method. He gave it a thumbs down. I never read the book or pamplet so I can not say for myself one way or the other. However, Ernie Lilliebridges’ response is ridiculous and not a way to respond to a single persons opinion. Essentially he makes himself look stupid. It is as follows:

Ernie Lilliebridge JR:

“I took into consideration your vast knowledge and experience in lifting (NOT!) before I wrote this. If it doesn’t make sense or if you can’t understand it we both know why! My review of your video is that your obviously a complete know nothing dumb ass! With mental abilities right on par with that of your physical looks and strength level! A total looser and joke! Are you sure you’re not just an ugly, weak girl pretending to be a guy? I mean come on, your pretending to have BIG muscles (YOU DON’T), and your pretending to have a clue about getting big (OBVIOUSLY YOU DON’T), and strong (AGAIN, TOTALLY CLUELESS)! But you’re going to give out advice on how to? LOL! Who in their right mind would do that! LOL! And then pass judgment on what works, when you clearly have no clue? And let’s “discredit” a time proven method on its effectiveness due to a grammar error? LOL! You might be able to fool a bunch of retards at your level, but you can’t argue with proven success of our method! It has produced multiple TOP 10 Nationally Ranked and real “World Record” holding Powerlifters, with many, many more on the way! I know what you’re thinking…..NOT FAIR! These are “real lifters” following the program! NOT a bunch of butt humping ass clowns that once read a copy of a fitness magazine (or at least drooled all over the pictures inside)! As for your retarded comment on this not working for “natural lifters”, that is 100% false! I have a ton of natural guys using this method making fantastic gains! Hell, I have REAL WOMEN that are both way bigger AND stronger then you are (LOL) as a result of my method…..100% TESTED DRUG FREE!!! What a fool you are! But please, don’t use my method! And the same to all the dumb ass “wana bees” like you! This method is meant for “REAL” lifters wanting to make “REAL” gains! Not for ass clowns like you!!!!”

I do not have much to say about this comment other than it might be a troll. But after looking at the youtube profile, it seems legit. All Ernie did here was give Mones a chance at more publicity and make himself look like a complete buffoon. Let’s hope Elgin makes a special video regarding this comment. 🙂

If you do not know who Ernie Lilliebridge is, check out his youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/ErnieLilliebridge

That is all!!! 🙂

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