Push Pull Legs: Cycle 2 Week 5 Legs

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Push Pull Legs - 05.2014_06.2014
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Hello all,

I worked on form and some pause squats.

High Bar Squats: Some were done with a slight pause. I did not have full energy today. But I wanted to get in some technique work.
105 x 4 x 2
145 x 4 x 6

Sumo Deadlift: moderate. just to work on form.
135 x 4 x 2
185 x 4 x 6

Good Morning:
75 x 6
90 x 6
105 x 6 x 4

Foam Roll Stretching

I will be going back to a fullbody routine in about 2 weeks.

  1. Hey Dude, hows the program going? Do you work in KG or LBS?

    • Hey I apologize for my SUPER late response. This went well. I got down to 163. I work in #’s. And now i weigh 173. Right now I am doing mostly bodyweight work since I can only do barbell training one a week. THe only think i would have added if I did this again, is pull ups or inverted rows every workout. I feel weird not training my back. Sorry again for the late response. How is everything going with you?

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