High bar Squat: just 2 work sets of 190. going to 4 sets of 6 on squat and bench on the same day would be too much of a change too soon. maybe next cycle or something.
105 x 4 x 2
155 x 4
190 x 6 x 2: This felt very difficult. But i was able to push through. at 162lbs bw, i thought this was great!
115 x 15 @~60% of 190lbs

75 x 6
95 x 4
115 x 4
135 x 6 x 2
65 x 15

Sumo Deadlift:
155 x 6
205 x 6
240 x 6 (PR)
260 x 1 x 6 (PR) I believe my true 1RM is upwards of 285 lbs

Barbell Row: Just to finish up. I will increase weight at my discretion.
95 x 8-10 x 3

Dumbbell Row: same as bb row.
35 x 10
50 x 10 x 2

This workout was one of the best I have had in many many many months. I am done. Tomorrow just some light incline presses and pull ups and dips. I CAN’T Wait!!!!!!!!!

That is all! 🙂


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