Hello All,

So recently I have been some what busy as well as distracted. Leaving me little time to make many posts. I am finally preparing to take the CSCS sometime next and working on getting some experience training/coaching individuals. So I am brushing up on my chemistry right now, then moving on the biology, then hitting the actual material within the CSCS text book.

Now in regards to my own training. What I have been doing lately is a split routine on non consecutive days: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. It is full body, Shoulders and Arms, and then an Upper body push/pull day.

Wednesday: Full Body

Highbar Squat
Bench Press
Sumo Deadlift
Dumbbell Row
Band Row
Barbell Curl
Forearm Roller

Throughout the day I do dips and pull ups at work,

Friday: Shoulders and Arms

Overhead Press
Band Pull Aparts
Narrow Barbell Curl
Concentration Curl
Lying DB triceps extension
Forearm roller
Hand gripper
Lateral Raises

Saturday: Upper Body Push/Pull

Bench Press
Band Pull Apart
DB Row
Band Row
Pull Overs
Decline Push Ups
Hammer Curl 21s
Forearm Roller
Band Flys

So this is what I am doing right now. There is no particular goal in mind. I just train depending on how I feel that day. If you notice however, I workout my arms every session. That is intentional. And I have noticed changes in my forearms and biceps. I also only squat 1 time per week. I was thinking about adding a day where I can squat 2x a week. But right now adding squats to another day would take too much time on Shoulder/Arm day or Push Pull day.

Depending on work I may need to go to a twice a day routine and do calisthenics throughout the week. My weight is floating between 165-170 the last month. Which is a good thing. This is also without any kind of cardiorespiratory exercise. So predict that once I start weight training 2x a week and sprinting and jumping rope 4-5 times a week, I will probably get down to 155 by January.

That is all! 🙂

  1. 03alwi says:

    There is no particular goal in mind. I just train depending on how I feel that day. <—– That right there is awesome, takes off the stress of all the time thinking I gotta do my chest this week etc. Exercise needs to be fun.

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