Hello All,

I was not going to train today, but after I got home from work around 6, I decided to just do it. Afterwards my back felt blasted. LOVE IT!

High Bar Squat: I am going to stay at 170 until I can hit 170 x 12 on the first set and 8 good reps on the second set. Then increase by 5 pounds. The first 2 sets, I will increase depending on how easy or difficult they felt. Next time I will start with 110 x 8 and 145 x 8. I did not have a lot of energy but I was still able to get through this. I will also do an extended warm up for the squat next time. Hips felt a little tight for the first set.

105 x 8
145 x 8
170 x 10
170 x 7

75 x 8
95 x 8
115 x 10, 8 surprisingly difficult. Holding tight until I can hit 115 with confidence and more speed.

Sumo DL:
185 x 6 x 2
235 x 6,5

DB Row:
35 x 15
50 x 8,8

Band Row:
36 x 14,14,12
19 x 20

Narrow BB Curl:
65 x 10,8,8

Forearm Roller:
10 rolls each direction


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