Hello All,

So far I love Canditos 6 week periodization routine. However, I will most likely move to something else after this 6 week cycle due to work related things. I need more time to study and work. So I need a routine that is not a list of exercise I MUST do. I like to have more flexibility, especially since sometimes I do not get all the sleep I want or the time to train in the fashion I would like.

I will probably just do this Lower/Upper split. Hmmmm maybe I will join the gym nearby so I can get in some real work. That is still undetermined.

Lower  (total reps/work sets) Monday
High Bar Squat (25/4)
Conventional Deadlift  (12/3)
Sit Ups (60/3)
Planks (4 minutes/3)

Upper Tuesday
Bench Press (25/4)
Barbell Row (30/4)
Military Press (40/5)
Chin Ups (60/8)
Dips (30/3)

Upper Thursday
Bench Press (80% of Tuesday 30/4)
Barbell Row (80% of Tuesday 35/3)
Military Press (40/5)
Chin Ups (60/8)
Barbell Curl (30/3)

Lower Friday

High Bar Squat (80% of Monday 30/4)
Conventional Deadlift (80% of Monday 20/3)
Good Morning (32/3)
Sit Ups  (60/3)

Upper Saturday

Bench Press (80% of Monday 30/4)
Barbell Row (80% of Monday 20/3)
Military Press (40/5)
Barbell Curl
Dips (30/3)

I might drop the last upper day depending on how I feel and my personal schedule.

That is all! 🙂


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