Calisthenics and Light Strength Training Days

Posted: August 26, 2014 in My Take
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Hello All,

I did not get a chance to do everything I wanted today. It might have been fatigue but I was not able to do wide grip pull ups as I use to. It will come back eventually. Dips are probably right where they should be.

Chin Ups: 9,6,5; 10; 54321: 45 reps
Dips: 15,12,10: 37 reps
DB Curls: 30 x 10,9,12
Incline Curls: 20 x 12,12,10
Sit Ups: 2 sets of 2.5
1.5 mile Walk on Incline

Tomorrow: Shoulders, Arms, StairMaster!!!!!
Dumbbell Press: 25,35 x 30/3
Face Pulls: I will test it out.
Lateral Raises: I will test it out.
Incline Curls: 20 x 35/3
Incline Flys: 7.5 x 45/4
Leg Curl: 5 x 45/4
Calf Raises: 25 x 100/4
Stair Master: 100 flights

That is all! 🙂


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